Jiffy J-4000 Steamer Review

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Jiffy J-4000 Steamer

the jiffy j-4000 steamer is designed for those with a higher volume workload than most. it uses 1500 watts of power to remove wrinkles and odors from garments, furniture, draperies and even heavy fabrics or bedding.

斗地主抢200元红包the unit heats up a full gallon of water in about 15 minutes, and will heat a smaller quantity quicker. it will produce continuous steam for a full hour & a half. to reduce corrosion associated with continuous use, the boiler tank is made of stainless steel.

if you need to move the jiffy commercial steamer around, you’ll appreciate the multi-directional castors, and the 5 1/2 foot flexible hose, so no lifting is required.

斗地主抢200元红包the jiffy steamer also includes a plastic steam head, the settings are adjustable based on fabric type, a hanging pole for garments, and a gauge for the water level.​​

斗地主抢200元红包for safety, the jiffy j-4000 includes a gauge for sediment build-up, high-temperature wiring, and an auto shut-off feature, as well as aluminum housing. it is truly a clothing steamer designed for everyday use.​

Jiffy J-4000 in usage on suit

斗地主抢200元红包when buying a garment steamer, consider how you will be using the steamer. it is important to get a steamer that is effective, reliable and easy to use.

the jiffy steamer is a universal standard with professionals because of its' reliability, steam output, speed of first steam, consistent steam. this type of steamer also makes a very good home unit also.​

jiffy garment steamers are able to be maintained and repaired. they are a product you will have forever and that makes for a wise purchase. this steamer is not one you will need to throw out if it ever breaks down.​

Features of the Jiffy j 4000 Commercial Steamer

  • Full power; 1500-watts, commercial grade garment steamer
  • Has dual thermostats for faster heat-up
  • Full 1-gallon water tank for 1-1/2 hours of steam
  • 5-1/2-foot hose and castors for mobiity
  • Plastic steam head
  • Steam settings Based on fabric type
  • Comes with a garment-hanging pole
  • Includes watel gauge
  • Auto shut off when low on water
  • Assembly wrench included
  • Dimensions 20 by 11 by 61 inches
  • 3-year limited warranty
John Doe Business Owner

i own a business and this is the best product i have ever purchased. i have had many other steamers but none compared. it really heats up quickly and provides a continuous stream of steam, stays on unlike others i have purchased before. owning a retail bridal business requires us to steam hundreds of gowns, so the jiffy j-4000 commercial steamer is by far the best product for the money!

Jiffy J-4000 in work on Banquet
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